What are website maintenance services?

Let’s look at why website maintenance services are needed and the real benefit of such a service, whether it be for a small, large, or personal business website.

So, what’s the real benefit?

If you use your website for your business, or even if your website only serves as a small online contact point with little focus on acquiring sales or new customers, you must maintain your website.

There are monthly website maintenance and management services that offer incredible support and advice along the way. The monthly cost for these service plans usually spans between $50 – $300 per month, and this will vary greatly depending on which service provider you work with and, ultimately, your requirements.

The real benefit, the actual value for your monthly website maintenance subscription is positioned firmly within the relationship you will form with your developer, which makes your company selection critical.

Having direct access to a professional website developer to be used for tech/web support or the occasional outside consult to answer those nagging web-related questions you have accumulated over the months and years is golden. Be selective and stray clear from overseas providers, third-party providers, and website maintenance providers who do not offer legitimate person-to-person support.

Bottom line, you want to be on a first-name basis with your developer providing service and support to both you and your website.

Over time, you will accumulate working knowledge of the web space in general, become better prepared to allocate additional expenditures for your website, and have a trusted “person” whom you can always rely on when advice is needed.

What sets Vessio apart from other website maintenance providers?

Vessio was one of the first website maintenance providers on the scene. Vessio provides web design, development, and maintenance services to a wide range of small and large companies locally and internationally and is genuinely passionate about maintaining efficiency in the web development and management space.

Mike Danna has maintained sole ownership of Vessio for more than 12 years, actively leading advanced services and communications for their customers and subscribers.

Vessio works with all of the most popular website platforms and technologies available today. WordPress, Bootstrap, PHP, HTML, and JavaScript to advanced Google Search Engine Optimization, E-commerce Stores, and Payment System Integrations.

Month to month

  • There are no contracts and no thinking ahead.

Cancel anytime

  • You are in control of your billing subscription at all times.

One on one support

  • You will work with a single web developer for the life of your service.

In conclusion

By effectively using a website maintenance plan, you will receive solid ongoing advice for growth and be an e-mail or phone call away from more affordable, advanced development work if the need should arise.

I hope this was informative.


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