When and how do I create a new website?

There are tons of ways to achieve or build-out your website quickly; however, more often than not, if you are serious about your footprint on the web or for a business, it is best to have your website professionally built and maintained.

How To Create A New Website

There are easy methods to do it yourself, such as Squarespace, Wix, or Weebly. However, in most situations, the site builder saga’s result entails rebuilding the website on a self-hosting / stand-alone or custom platform to achieve the freedom one would typically want with any website.

My advice, skip the site builders, properly establish a budget, and engage in a proper website discovery process with a developer who you can consult to achieve your vision from the start.

What About The Cost?

Websites in their early years were pricey and relatively permanent, which was 100% ok as the internet was fresh and still in discovery. These days, creating a new website is a fun and great way to leverage your business, brand, and marketing — not to mention much more affordable to achieve.

I will be the first to say; adequate website development services streamlined to gain results are not free. Just like any other legitimate service provider will point out, efforts and expertise cost more than Monopoly money.

Over time, I have learned that being transparent with website management, support, and development pricing and offering several available payment options goes a long way for both the buyer and the service provider. Generally speaking, you (the buyer) need to be ok with an added expenditure and merely have some budget to work with to execute your project correctly.

It’s all about being “ok” with committing and engaging in the process.

Suppose your website needs to serve up lead acquisition, sales conversions, brand awareness, or user engagement. You can expect to spend around $100/m for efficient maintenance, support, and management; if your website requires web development service or significant intervention, set your budget expectations between $1k and $5k.

There are no-doubt lower-cost options available. Listen to your gut, and use discretion when selecting your service provider.

Your mindset and coming to terms with the actual value that your website provides for your business is an essential milestone in your perspective when acquiring service for your website.

When To Create A New Website

Generally speaking, if your website is more than a few years old, has not been updated in years, or has been significantly compromised — starting from scratch is by far the best option.

In most cases, your old website contains the needed structure and base contents to offer an efficient route to develop a new website for you — bypassing the heavy price-tag of content and data manipulation.

What About Landing Pages?

Sometimes, a brand new website is not needed. Perhaps you want to expand your reach for a specific service or product — in this scenario; I would recommend developing a landing page.

Landing pages are small, targeted websites, and they are excellent ways to obtain new traffic in your local area or zone-in, providing a spotlight on a specific part of your business.

Wrapping Up

So, what are your thoughts? Have you been neglecting to update or effectively utilize your current website?




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